So you are probably wondering what a typical online course looks like or what consistent items are in an online course.

You should know that every instructor has the freedom to develop their own online course that best reflects their course content and their teaching style.

Course Homepage

Every online course will have a course homepage that contains boxes, or nuggets, filled with important course information. There can be announcements (check a few times a week), our College copyright, and ANGEL mail access in these nuggets.

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Course Calendar

Online courses also contain a Calendar tab that your instructor may utilize. They may highlight assignment due dates and week starting points on this calendar.

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The Content tab will contain all of your course content. Content can be placed into folders, that can be labeled as modules, weeks, units, or folders. Your course content area may contain a course information folder that can contain pages, files, discussions forums that get you ready to start the class. The rest of the folders in the content area can contain drop boxes (where you can drop in assignments), discussion forums (for you to discuss a topic), pages (that contain course content), files (that may be supplemental info such as PowerPoints, Word docs, PDFs, etc.), or links (our to Web sites). Lastly, your instructor may choose to create a discussion forum for students to ask and answer class questions.

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The Resources tab contains resources from the institution and, possibly, your instructor.

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The Communicate tab contains nuggets relating to communication. If your instructor sets up a live chat or Web conference, those can be accessed in this area.

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Lastly, the Report tab will help you pull accurate reports to determine your grade and progress in the class.

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